Josef Lazar Violins

Investing in a good violin is always a good idea, even for children just starting to take up the violin. The basic advantage of getting a good violin is that you will get a better sound quality out of it. The notes will be played correctly, thus producing a better sound. This encourages the student to continue and learn some more. Also, good violins are more comfortable to use as compared to the cheaper models. They also resist daily wear and tear.  Check out these violins on Ebay right now!

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One good brand to consider looking at is Josef Lazar. This company manufactures orchestra instruments that are high in quality yet reasonable in price. They are available online brand new or used.  Josef Lazar violins are perfect for those who are looking for a violin that will not drain their wallets, but will produce the kind of sound that will inspire the student to improve and continue on his or her violin studies.

Take for example the Josef Lazar Model 10 Violin Outfit. This mid priced violin is made from wood that is carefully carved and crafted. It is made from a solid spruce top, with flamed maple backs and sides. It also has inlaid purfling and hand applied spirit finish.

The fingerboard is made from ebony and it has a chin rest, pegs and four tuners. The Josef Lazar Model 10 Outfit also comes with D’Addario Prelude strings. The entire piece is in compliance with the standards set by MENC, as are all the other Josef Lazar violins.

The Josef Lazar Model 20 Violin is touted as “An affordable beauty”, and beautiful it is. The body is made from hand-carved spruce for the top and flamed maple for the back and sides. It is finished with an elegant hand-rubbed oil varnish. The fingerboard, trim, pegs, tailpiece and chin rest are ebony. It has a French bridge and Thomastic Dominant strings.

The Model 20 Violin Outfit features a deluxe plush carrying case, a bow made from Brazilwood horsehair and ebony frog. The Model 20 has gotten good reviews for producing a fantastic sound, making it the perfect violin for those who are discriminating when it comes to sound quality.

Meanwhile, for those students looking to upgrade their current violins, the Josef Lazar Model 99 is the perfect “step up” violin.  This model is made from solid carved spruce, and carved maple for its back and sides. It has a maple bridge; ebony fingerboard, chin rest, pegs and tailpiece. It also has inlaid purfling and is set with D’Addario Prelude strings.

Purchasing the Model 99 Outfit will give you a thermoplastic case with aluminum valance, a Glasser horsehair bow and rosin. This model is available in 1/8 to 4/4 sizes.

Most users say that the Josef Lazar violins in general produce a very clear sound. They also say that it is very easy to tune these violins and that they are quite durable. These factors make it the perfect student violin for beginner and intermediate players.  It is a violin brand that ensures high quality.