Zeta Violins

Zeta Violins are one of the most highly recommended student violin brands. So devoted is Zeta to providing quality instruments for students that they even have their own Zeta Educator Series. The Educator Series is geared towards students and music teachers as well. The great thing about the Educator Series by Zeta is that they are perfect not only for music classes, but for recitals and performances as well. Check out these violins on Ebay right now!

Zeta mode  wireless wiolin
Zeta mode wireless wiolin
End Date: Wednesday Nov-5-2014 9:58:03 PST
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5 String Zeta Violin Strados Pickup
5 String Zeta Violin Strados Pickup
End Date: Friday Nov-7-2014 10:04:02 PST
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4 String Strados Zeta Electric Violin
4 String Strados Zeta Electric Violin
End Date: Sunday Nov-9-2014 14:29:01 PST
Buy It Now for only: $1,300.00
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Zeta Electric Violin White 5 String Strados
Zeta Electric Violin White 5 String Strados
End Date: Thursday Nov-20-2014 18:31:35 PST
Buy It Now for only: $1,500.00
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Zeta believes that to learn how to play the violin correctly, the student must have the right foundation. They claim that their violins can inspire students to learn, so that they will in turn be more repeat enrollments for violin music courses. Their instruments also inspire and motivate the students to practice and therefore perfect their playing abilities.

So here is how Zeta can help students upgrade their learning experience. First, they provide students with the best looking violins that are still within budget.  Zeta violins have a great natural finish and a solid body. They use light weight wooden materials to construct the violins to make them easy for even the youngest of students to handle. The fact that they look great also helps motivate the student to invest more time in his practice. The violins are also constructed from maple wood for the necks, while the fingerboards are made from hardwood.

The innovations of Zeta in the violin industry are nothing short of ingenious. Take for example the Zeta Educator Modern Violin. This violin features the traditional features of an acoustic violin, as described above, and infuses modern technology into it as well, with its digital MIDI pickup. This makes it great for students who also want to look forward to learning a more modern type of violin music, with its electric violin capabilities.

Those who have tried the Zeta Educator Modern Violin have said that they are extremely impressed with the sound quality of the violin, even in its electronic mode. In fact, they say that it has a clear sound and does not have any unnecessary noise or overtones. The Zeta Educator Modern Violin also offers a preamp system that is internal giving the violin the flexibility to accommodate various types of tones to suit all kinds of music. Another great thing about it is that the internal battery included in the Zeta Modern Educator Violin can run for more than one thousand hours of service.

Meanwhile, the Zeta Ensemble Violin from another great series of Zeta (the Ensemble Series), features another affordable violin for students and performers alike. If you are not quite ready to invest in a Zeta Performer Violin or a Zeta Signature Series Violin, the Zeta Ensemble Violin is perfect for you. The violin still has a lot of the features that make the Performer and Signature series violins so popular, but at a more budget friendly price. The wood used for this series is chosen for it’s excellent qualities, specifically those that will make your playing sound like it came from an aged, hand-carved acoustic violin.